Men’s Room Live at Apple Bookstore

Men’s Room is now live (and free) at the Apple bookstore.

For some reason, they haven’t updated the metadata, so it’s still titled “Men,” with the old description, but I downloaded it today on my (wife’s) iPad and can confirm it’s the new version. It’s free, so have at it.

I really like what I was able to do with this story in the revision. It’s a really worthwhile short that deepens the whole Carnal mythology that’s slowly coming together. I’m so pleased it made it into the Apple bookstore. I thought for sure it would get yanked by the super sensitive Apple censors. Meanwhile, Summer Shorts 2 actually made it past the censors and is back in the store. It must have been some sort of technical difficulty, because it took a few months, after its KDP run ended.

In other news, today was our best day ever (page views) on the blog. I attribute our new found popularity to Men’s Room, and the promotional links to the blog that I embedded at the end of the book. I started embedding links with Dirty Business and it’s been working out pretty well to drive customers to the blog. I think it’s safe to assume that people like the work, if they’re willing to come to the blog after finishing a read. It’s an encouraging sign.

By the way, Men’s Room is also available (free) at Smashwords, if you don’t have an iOS device. I’m probably going to let it run free for a few more weeks, just to get it out there. I’ll keep updating here, as I am able to confirm the new version’s availability at the rest of the venues. It’s still .99 cents (USD) at the US Amazon, until I can get a price match. I’m sure that will happen soon as Barnes & Noble get the latest version and update the price.

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