Confession is good for the libido

My latest brainstorm is a collection of first person stories written as confessions. The confession might be the perfect vehicle for the kind of erotic fiction I like to create. I like dark tales of people who decide to momentarily set aside acceptable standards of decency to satisfy their own desires. I like it when these same people get caught, literally, with their pants down, and then have to deal with the fall out. The problem with these kinds of stories is that they don’t always lend themselves to the most likable characters. In fact, a character you can feel comfortable rooting for might be the biggest challenge for most of my readers. My characters are mostly grown men, taking advantage of the lust of an innocent (and not so innocent) girl.

Enter the confession.

If you think about how confessions work, it almost has to be dark and dirty story, or it’s hardly worth your while to confess. And I’m more familiar with first person than almost any other kind of point of view. I have a first draft of one story, something I’m calling The Debutante’s Fall, about a spoiled coed from a wealthy family who gets in a little over her head and learns a valuable life lesson. I LOVE the male lead I created for it, who is a total alpha even if he is an enforcer for a small drug operation in North Philadelphia.

That’s the first one. I’m probably going to create two more. I’m considering calling the collection Dirty True Confessions. I like the ring of that title. Wish me luck.

Look for it in stores early next year.


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