Summer Shorts FREE on Amazon

As of a few days ago, Amazon is price matching all our titles, except the ones enrolled in KDP Select. That means we’re free across the board, everywhere. I still have to jangle the bars to get Kobo and Sony to fix up one or two of my titles, but we’re all set to give away some books.

I don’t have stats from every retailer on giveaways, but it will be interesting to see which titles do best. Amazon is by far the best at getting that information to me. With just the Amazon numbers, American Girl is at the head of the pack in sheer numbers (700+), but it’s also been available the longest. Summer Shorts, which has gone as high as #220 out of all FREE books listed on Amazon, has the potential to rise into the top 100, and if that happens, the books start flying off the shelf and the numbers go into the thousands.

We’ll see. For now, I’m very pleased.

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