Five stars from an anonymous Barnes & Noble reader on Tricked:

I thought it was different from all the other gay romances i’ve read, which is why I liked it so much. It was a really unique, and fun read for me and I recomend to all. (Dont read if you dislike m/m action)

Another reader wrote:

This is an ok erotica short story. The premise is straightforward, and the action is described decently well. It has the sense of being a coming-out story, but is it?

Great question!

In Tricked, a gay man goes down on Jimmy Manley, the story’s main character, and he really enjoys the sex. But I think it’s safe to say that if you asked Jimmy if he were the hero of a coming out story, he’d probably tell you he wasn’t. He spends a good bit of the story agonizing about what it means for him to have sex with another man (yet again!), but he’s just a horny teenager who can’t help himself. Maybe he’s gay, but he doesn’t know it from the events that take place in Tricked. It’s exactly the kind of story I most like to tell. A character who finds himself in the difficult position of having to choose between getting his sexual needs met and what society will say about his behavior. This is a common thread through almost all my stories, whether it’s a teen boy allowing a gay adult to go down on him, a parent seducing the babysitter on the long ride home to her aunt’s house, or a pair of horny cops gang banging a teenage detainee.

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