Kindle Lending Library a Big Success

My december experiment with the Kindle select program was a huge success by most any metric. Every time someone borrowed my book, I earned almost twice as much as the book’s list price in December. I didn’t rack up a huge number of loans, but because the price was so good, I made more in just the select program than I have in an entire month of selling on almost every other venue I use COMBINED since I started this venture 6 or so months ago.

I’m happy with Kindle select. So happy, in fact, I added another title to the program.

For now, I’m going to continue to sell some of my books in other e-book stores (and not put them all in the select program, which requires titles to be sold only on Amazon), but that’s only out of an abundance of prudence. It’s hard to justify not having all my books in Amazon’s program. That’s where the money seems to be. And it’s where the money will most likely remain for the foreseeable future. Consider what the competition is doing: Barnes and Noble added some fruity gift code feature over the holidays. Really Barnes and Noble? This is what you’re doing to impress me. I fail to see it’s worth. For one, it’s not brining me in any royalties. Two, it’s not helping me promote my books the way the Amazon five-day free promotions do. Those 5 days of freebies don’t earn you anything, but they put you into Amazon’s rank engine, and that can really rack up sales for a few days after the promotion ends.

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