Introducing Carnal Singles

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good e-book. Not just what sells well, but also what’s a good bargain for the customer. Last night I took a few individual stories from the Summer Shorts 2 collection, made up some covers, and published them on their own.

And Carnal singles were born.

My plan is to sell these singles at a lower price point than the Summer Shorts collections. The singles are a little easier to describe and this may make them easier to sell. The short marketing blurb that describes the collections has to first explain that it’s three stories, blah, blah, blah… It gets dull. My bigger hope is that the singles will generate some interest in the Summer Shorts collections, which I don’t feel bad about selling at the higher price point.

This morning I noticed a few singles sales already on Smashwords. And there was much happiness.

I’m pleased. For now, my plan is to publish two singles from every future Summer Shorts collection, as long as the singles are long enough to stand on their own. This means that some of the content in the collections will still be exclusive to the collection.

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