Coming soon! Summer Shorts 2

We’re going to release the next volume of Summer Shorts soon. Until then, we’re making the original Summer Shorts free on Smashwords. No coupon this time. It’s just free.

Who loves you baby?

If you can, leave a review or give us a rating on Smashwords or anywhere. Books with reviews and ratings do a little better. Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from the story, Bench Warrant, which will appear in the new work.

An excerpt from “Bench Warrant”

“YOUR DONNELL IS a bad character” the handsome young officer said. “Very bad.” He freed her hands and she rubbed her wrists. He was tall. Gloria noticed that he kept his body close to her even after he got the handcuffs attached to his utility belt. She massaged her wrists.

“Not bad to me,” she said.

Gloria spoke automatically to defend Donnell, as she always did. This wasn’t the first time someone had suggested that he was no good. But Gloria also knew that this was the second time this summer that Donnell had abandoned her after spraying her face with his come. The last time Gloria had been babysitting for Joe Murphy, who had come home sooner than she expected and discovered her and Donnell in the garage. Later that same night, on the drive home to her aunt’s house, Joe had slipped one hundred dollars into her pocket, saying she had earned it. Gloria proudly told Donnell about receiving the money the next day, and he grew furious with her. He berated her. He said that sitters didn’t earn such generous fees, and Gloria’s cheeks had burned with shame. For in that moment, she understood that Donnell was right. After she took the money from Joe, he began speaking to her in such a deliciously dirty manner, even putting his hand down her pants and under her shirt. And Gloria had let him. She hadn’t felt as if she could refuse. For one, he had just given her so much money. For another, he was making her feel so good with his hand. At one point, Gloria had even encouraged him. With much chagrin, she recalled how she had folded her own hand over his and then guided him to where she needed his hand most, right between her legs.

“You could do better,” the young officer said. “You’re a good looking girl.”

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