Summer Shorts

An excerpt from “The Sitter Needs a Ride”

GLORIA IS A sullen lump in the passenger seat. She hasn’t said two words since they began the drive to her aunt’s house. With her tight jeans and boyish hips, she looks even more attractive to Joe all pouty and grim. Pulling the car into the dark part of the empty bank parking lot, Joe shuts it down.

The engine ticks as it cools.

Grinning at her, Joe gets out and walks over to the ATM machine. Crickets chirp. Joe grew up here in Carnal. The cool June air feels good on his arms. He’s a real estate agent, a good one. Used to getting his way. In his belly he can feel that same slight fluttering as he did when Gloria first noticed him in the garage. An image of Gloria on her knees at the boy’s feet pops into his mind. He had seen fear, panic in her eyes. But then he noticed something else, something not so much in the look that she gave him, or in the way that she surrendered to her circumstance, but in the way that she then threw herself into satisfying the boy, working his c–k with her hands and mouth, utterly ignoring Joe.

He punches in his numbers, listens to the ATM hum.

Suddenly Joe decides to make another, much larger withdrawal—three hundred dollars. He punches his numbers into the machine again and grins. He’s going to f–k that pouty little kid in his car. Why not? She had already taken one load of come in her tummy tonight. What harm sending her home with just a tiny bit more?

Getting back into the car, Joe finds Gloria smoking.

“You got another one of those?” he asks.

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