Hungry Hole


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A good little Christian girl wakes from an erotic dream, believing the Rapture has happened–she’s been left behind in a world filled with sexy sinners!

Anna is young and beautiful, raised in a family of devout Christians and they expect so much from her. Anna’s father takes her twin brother on a college trip to evaluate schools. Anna goes with them, but as with so much in her life, the college she will attend has already been decided. One morning Anna awakens from a dream in the hotel room, alone with a bad feeling. She feels certain the Rapture has happened! God has called all the faithful back to heaven, but Anna has been left behind. She is in a college town filled with virile young men. Judged harshly by God, abandoned by her family, Anna will have to find her way forward in the world as best she can. What will she do? Repent? Give herself over to fate? Find out!

Excerpt from Hungry Hole

Anna roused herself, sitting bolt upright in the bed.

Her heart was racing, her mouth dry. Her small, firm breasts rubbed against the sheer material of her sleep shirt, making her nipples feel all tingly and delicious. Something was wrong. She’d been waking up slowly, enjoying a vaguely sexual fantasy about the lead singer in a popular boy band she liked, and she’d let her hand wander down between her legs to hold her mound. At times like these, her pussy always felt much better if she cupped it with her palm and then tensed and released the muscles in her thighs. She was pretty sure it wasn’t masturbation (which would have been a sin). But it was close. It made the blood rise to her cheeks and her breathing go shallow. And then suddenly she’d felt an overwhelming sense of dread. It consumed her. She didn’t know where it came from, this sense of horror, but once it bubbled up into her mind, she felt certain she was in the midst of some terrible calamity.

The room was quiet, except for the hum of the refrigerator in the other room. She flipped the bedspread back and swung her legs to the floor.

The tile was cold.

Her father had rented a small suite of rooms with a kitchenette for the three of them. Her twin brother Wiktor was making college visits. They were in a small college town somewhere in Norway. Breakfast dishes sat on the table with food half eaten. Anna touched a partially eaten pancake and found it cool.

Something was burning.

The little stove held an iron griddle that was so hot small wisps of white smoke curled up from its shiny black plate. The burner was on low. She turned the knob to the off position, found a mitt, and clanged the pan to a cool burner. “Papa,” she whispered in Polish, her native language.

“Papa,” she said louder, her panic rising.

It was the Rapture.

Anna knew it in her heart, she knew it in her soul. The preachers had warned that one day God would whisk away all of the righteous people, leaving behind only the unbelievers, the sinners and the wicked of heart. This had been the church’s predominant message throughout her childhood and adolescence: The harsh judgment of God was on its way. Be wary. Be on guard. It’s coming.

Now it was here—and she’d been left behind!