Gabby Needs a Gangster


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A troubled girl gets caught red handed and must get in bed with the mob.

Gabby lacks confidence. She compensates by dating rebellious young men who scoff at convention and flout the law. Unfortunately for Gabby, the burglary her boyfriend takes her on goes awry and she finds herself abandoned at the luxurious house of a local mobster. Gabby will have to rely on pools of confidence and resilience she didn’t know she had to get herself out of this mess. When the night is over she will emerge more confident and self-assured, but she may have to get in bed with the (entire!) mob to get through this night.

Excerpt from Gabby Needs a Gangster

Gabby tucked a few wayward strands of her long honey-blonde hair behind her ear. Peering over Nika’s shoulder, Gabby watched her friend punch in the code for the home security system. Nika lived in a huge house in the hills behind Carnal, an exclusive section for only the wealthiest of families. Gabby felt a little guilty because she liked Nika a lot. The two girls had met at the community college just before Gabby dropped all her classes. Nika was broadminded and practical, just like Gabby’s boyfriend, a young man who could make her pulse race but constantly found himself in scrapes with the law.

When Gabby told Nika she was dropping out of school to spend more time with her boyfriend, Nika just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Sometimes a girl needs a little time to get her ya-yas out,” she said. This made Gabby grin. It was so true. After a burglary, her boyfriend would take her to his apartment, pull her pants down, and put her on the bed with her face to the sheets. He would ride her this way until she was delirious with desire, then pull his sticky cock from her pussy and slap her haunches. This was Gabby’s signal to scramble to the floor, open her mouth wide, and extend her tongue. She loved letting him use her mouth this way, especially on the heels of a crime. She liked to think of herself as a dangerous moll, but deep down she knew she was not. Her crimes combined with being used so crudely made her potential as a moll seem all the more real. Of course her dangerous boy would need to use her mouth this way. Gazing up into his eyes, she swallowed all the thick, warm cream he produced. The smug smirk he wore gave her the validation that good grades at school could not.

Gabby had lots of ya-yas that needed to be liberated. She was eighteen, but her body had developed late, giving her large 34 C breasts and a nice round ass, but very little self confidence. She loved her boyfriend simply because he admired her long braided ponytail and amazing blue eyes. For his part, he encouraged her to find ways to use her innocent good looks to their advantage.

So, later that night, Gabby felt her pussy grow moist as she crept through the dark in her new friend’s house in the hills behind Carnal. Gabby found a pillowcase to hold a small collection of expensive electronics and valuables, but she didn’t really care about the stealing. Mostly she found herself daydreaming about kneeling on the bed in her boyfriend’s apartment, the delicious strokes he would soon be giving her, and the salty load of cum he would eventually dump into her willing, young mouth.

Suddenly the room was flooded with a harsh light.

Gabby spun around and came face to face with the cold blue barrel of an AK 47. The metallic clack of the cocking mechanism made her blood run cold. She felt her bladder let go, and she dropped the pillowcase, which landed on the carpet with a dull thud. A spreading warmth grew between her legs.

“What the fuck?” Nika’s dad lowered the barrel of the gun.